Create Your Song Revisions

At Create Your Song we always aim to nail it the first time. But sometimes we don’t. That’s why we’ve developed a user-friendly song revision policy as well as some add-ons to help provide options when a song needs to be changed or tweaked. Each revision request is reviewed by our Customer Success Team and is subject to producer availability. During your purchase process, you are given the opportunity to contribute decisively to this creative process using upload components, quote forms, and questionnaires. Be 100% happy and confident when you click on “I AGREE” as your information will be final and NO MORE changes can be made

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-Your song is skipping or there are other issues playing your song in its entirety*

-Something is fundamentally incorrect about the song, compared to your form submission*

-Your lyrics contain incorrect details based on information originally submitted at the time of purchase (this does NOT include personal preference changes or utilizing new information for lyrics)*

-Mispronunciations of names, places, or other words within your lyrics*

-If the typed lyrics on your song page don’t match what the artist is singing*

*These revisions are included if they can be completed within 30 minutes of production time. Any extra 30 minutes will be charged with our extra revision rate.


Changes of a digital instrument (you want the marimba to change into a cello) €25

-Changes of tempo of the song €100 ((We need to re-record the whole session as with analog instruments you can’t just change the tempo, that doesn’t sound good)

-Removing parts of the song €25 per part

-Removing stem of the song €25 per stem

-Adding 1 extra digital instrument €25

-Adding 1 extra analog instrument €75

-Extra vocal recording (changing incorrect details supplied or removal of supplied details) €75. An extra vocal recording includes up to three (3) single lyrical tweaks, rewriting of up to three (3) lyric lines, a lyric tweak of vocal re-record, and a new full song remix to ensure everything sounds smooth + cohesive

-Complete song replacement; you’ve tried all you can but you’re still not happy. With our song replacement, we give you a 50% discount for a completely newly produced song. Rookie €50, Booster €100, Pro €150.

-General revision rate €50 per 30 minutes


-Be 100% happy and confident with your request the moment you click on “I AGREE”; your information will be final and NO MORE changes can be made.

-For our Boosters and Pros with uploaded lyrics, please phonetically spell out all uncommon names, places, and words within your submissions.

-If you want us to write your lyrics; it’s simple; the more information you give us, the simpler you make it for our lyricists. Give us details, and write some context around those details. Single words are hard to work into a song correctly without any context and may sound a bit random.

-If you submit details but somehow don’t want to have them included in your song, let us know within your submission.