Create Your Song Terms and Conditions of Use

Customer / User Music Rights
At Create Your Song we are committed to creating songs and music for our customers. 

The world of music is a complex legal environment, but we want to keep things simple. In order to be simple, we aim simply to be fair. 
Subject to your form submission, the quality and stage of your musical uploads and ideas, and subject to the amount of work we do and the services we render, ownership of the final songs will be equally and fairly attributed and distributed based on the contributions to the finished song in accordance with the laws of England. 

CYS will always retain a 25% production ownership, in return for the website processes, the systems and the management of the musical process and finished songs. The remaining 75% will be equally distributed according to the musical contribution between you and Create Your Song.

CYS reserves the rights to publish, distribute and promote finished songs across their musical distribution channels unless otherwise agreed.
All legal aspects will be governed by UK Law.

You have the right to purchase outright ownership of your songs at extra cost, €100 for Rookie Songs, €200 for Booster Songs and €300 for Pro Songs (+ vat)

Intellectual property

The contents of our website, images, designs, logos, graphics, animations, videos, texts, music or computer applications, are the property of CREATE YOUR SONG, and are protected by international laws on intellectual property and are not permitted for reuse without written permission.

Personal data 

When you access our website and submit forms of any kind, we collect your data. This information is necessary to be able to identify you as a user, to help communicate and send you the products or services. While such information is necessary, you provide it to us voluntarily. You are solely responsible for the submission of this information.

Limitation of Liability

Create Your Song will not be responsible from the incorrect, inappropriate or illegal use of the information provided by the user.

The contents of this website are offered for informative and informative purposes. They do not constitute or substitute professional advice, so the Owner disclaims any liability, direct or indirect, that may arise from the use or application of the information on this website outside of its purposes. In case you require advice on the products and services offered on this website, contact customer service.